In vending machines it’s standard to offer snacks, drinks and adult products. It was an innovative idea few years back. The transparent panel allowed us to observe the entire extraction of orange juice. There are now pizza vending machines all over the place. Customers only need to wait for three minutes at a time for fresh pizza. An interesting consumption experience, a visual window is able to watch the entire manufacturing process in real-time.

Hommy automated pizza vending machine is not just a piece of equipment, it is also a subversive creation leading the new concept of fast food beauty and convenience, freshness and health with the latest technological and scientific advancementsa??Hommy is trying to begin with intelligent fast food terminal equipment to make the most of the future of intelligent fast food.

This is good news for pizza lovers. The first nationwide launch of Hommy’s auto-intelligent pizza vending machine was designed by hommy.

Hommy provides fully-automated pizza machine manufacturing solutions. They vary from semi-automatic to fully automated industrial production. They are able to produce an array of sizes and fillings. Hommy’s self-developed pizza vending machine is a fantastic choice in regards to price, quality and capacity, and the after-sales service is extensive. Hommy has a wide range of options for collaboration with customers to satisfy their various needs and increase profits.