Generally speaking, Hot food vending machines have the space of 1.8 square meters. Some desktops are even less,which greatly save the cost of leasing.From payment to receiving the heated good ,it’s completely automatically.It could reduce the expense of renting and the labor costs of the door-to-door shop greatly.As as long as the power is on and the supplies are stocked enough, the machine will be able to operate for 24 hours, which can greatly increase the demand for hot food during the time.It helps consumers and provide additional benefits for investors.

HOMMY developed hot food vending machine including pizza vending machine,hamburger vending machine,lunch box vending machine,french fries vending machine etc.After more than 10 years of development,the hot food vending machine of HOMMY has been sold to domestic and abroad countries.The snack ships,tourist attractions,schools,shopping malls,supermarkets,restaurants,bakeries,etc.In the Pearl River Delta area in China.Foreign countries such as the United States,Canada,Rissia,Germany,Poland,New Zealand,India,Malaysia,Sri Lanka,Saudi Arabia,Iran and other places have been put into use.The profit is very big and rich.

It is it possible to set up vending hot-food vending machines in any location?