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A pizza vending equipment for a fresh reality hommy

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Today is good news for you who like pizza! A “hommy” totally programmed intelligent pizza vending machine is launched on the globe. At that time, people will be able to get hommy pizzas in major shopping  densely populated places, places of interest and malls. With three minutes of waiting around and multiple repayment methods, hommy offers you a delightful “physical pizza” flavour and a several modern shopping experience.

“Pizza” is a kind of food originated in Italy, which is common around the globe. Since its access into China, it has also been well-liked by people. During the past, people can only go to some physical stores to buy, in a long line, after a long suffering, ingesting in the oral cavity, annoyed in the  a kind of difficult love, heart and hate. With the advent of hommy programmed intelligent pizza vending machine, the initial pizza sales method has been cracked. With a new idea of “self-help”, it has taken people a distinctive consumption experience.

The automatic pizza equipment made by hommy is a special machine to make pizzas, including a complete group of pizzas production lines, including automatic pizzas equipment, coin operated pizzas vending machine, unmanned pizzas vending machine, etc. Automatic pizza equipment manufacturers and suppliers will be the most ideal gear for baking pizza, plus they are the vital products used in major restaurants. Welcome to your customers!


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