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2021 new popcorn vending machine automatic

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popcorn vending machine automatic

2021 new popcorn vending machine automatic

After years of research, Hommy finally developed a popcorn self-service automatic vending machine in 2021, which can add a variety of flavors.

This popcorn machine is novel in appearance and fashionable in style. With Ultra HD Android system advertising screen and operation screen, a variety of payment methods and visual window, people are more willing to stop and watch. There are two forward and backward pulleys that allow the popcorn machine to rotate anywhere.

Most of the popcorn machines on the market are semi-automatic. Baking and mixing is OK, but seasoning and cup packing must be done manually. Hommy's popcorn machine integrates the whole process of payment operation, baking, mixing, seasoning, cup packing and finished product production.

The payment methods of Hommy popcorn machine include: cash, including banknotes and coins, change, token, credit card, 2D code, wechat pay, Ali pay. You can also provide a port for any other payment method.

Hommy popcorn machine can add accessories: all kinds of jam, all kinds of seasoning powder。

All investors are welcome to come to the factory to discuss the investment in 2021 new development of multi flavor popcorn self-service machine.

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popcorn vending machine automatic

multi flavor popcorn self-service machine

popcorn vending machines


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